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Belizean Mercy Schools, Digital Learning with In The Gap Institute

Belizean Mercy Schools Trailblaze New Educational Technology Program

Two Mercy schools, Muffles College High School (Orange Walk Town) and St. Catherine Academy (Belize City) were two of three Catholic schools in Belize selected to participate in the Microsoft Education Project.

The project is made possible through Microsoft, Digi (Belize Telemedia Limited) and In the Gap, an institute for social transformation in Belize. Digi, the leading telecom in Belize, is committed to delivering a successful program that will unlock limitless learning opportunities. This new collaboration will assist Belizean students in their long-term educational success and career-readiness.

Maria Zabaneh, president of In the Gap and a member of St. Catherine’s Board of Directors, said, “The vision for In the Gap is to take Belize from a third to a first-world nation, and technology is one of the key components that can help small nation states such as Belize revolutionize our society in various facets.” The program provides new technology at the schools including laptops for the students, 500Mbps of Internet speed, an interactive educational platform, and training for students, administrators and faculty. “There is no limit to our nation-building efforts, once we have laid the solid foundation upon which our children can build,” said Maria.